• Health care is one of the basic human needs and in Australia this specific need is highly valued. Majority of the local citizens and residents are entitled to advanced medical care. The entitlement gives the medical beneficiary access to a wide range of medical related services and health care professionals. Even the basic medical care plan is designed in a way that the patient will not experience low quality services.

    Adelaide Bulk Billing Services

    When you get access to medical services in Australia, you can either be bulk billed or issued with a patient account for the medical services. Bulk billing is a process whereby a doctor bills your Medicare directly and again accepts the Medicare benefits as full payment for the service. This implies that you do not incur any out-of-pocket expenses.

    On the other hand, a patient account is whereby a doctor charges a patient a fee and the patient claims the portion of the set fee back through Medicare. What makes the difference between the Medicare refund and the total account is what is referred to as ‘gap payment’.

    For instance if you would like to see a medical professional like a dentist, you can simply ask if they do bulk bill dentist in Adelaide, and in case they do not you can simply ask about the set gap payment.

    You can always get access to more information on bulk billing as well as patient accounts online at the Australian Department of Human Services bulk billing.

    Eligibility Criteria

    1. You have to be enrolled in Medicare

    2. You should have a Medicare card

    How Bulk Billing Functions Work

    It is up to the doctor or the health professional to choose whether or not to offer a patient a bulk billed service.
    If a patient is bulk billed, he or she assigns his or her rights the doctor or the health professional to the Medicare benefit by, either signing a form or by pressing okay on the EFTPOS terminal upon doctor’s appointment.

    A patient will not pay any fees and he or she will be issued with an assignment form copy. In case one has more than one service in a single visit, he or she may not be bulk billed for all the services.

    Where One Can Claim His Or Her Medicare Benefit.

    The benefits are paid directly into a patient’s bank account. The patient can claim his or her Medicare benefits in several ways such as elaborated below:

    1. You can claim your Medicare benefits at your doctor’s office

    2. Secondly, through the Medicare Online account

    3. Thirdly, via the mobile app called Express Plus

    4. And lastly by mail

    The above options are elaborated at the Australian Department of Human Services website.

    It is worth noting that there are other services which are related to Medicare, like the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register as well as the Australian Organ Donor Register.

    The full list of all the Australian Medicare services can be accessed at the Department of Human Services or the Medicare Services page.

    Medicare Benefit

    Medicare freely gives a patient a range of medical services at a lower cost which include:

    1. Doctors or specialists

    2. Optometrists

    3. Dentists as well as other allied professionals

    4. Prescriptions of lower cost and
    free care in a public hospital as a public patient.

    The Australian health care system in well designed to cater for basic health needs and guarantee sustainable living standards for the citizen and residents. However, it is the responsibility of every individual to provide the relevant documentation to enroll in the Medicare program. Once approved, the individual will enjoy the benefits of the medical plan with assured access to top level and professional health care.

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