• Murray Pest Control is a very popular and highly reputable business that has been operating on the city for over 60 years. Having started out as a small family business, it now is owned by one of the largest Pest control businesses in the world, Orkin. Murray’s provide a wide range of services including all pest treatment and inspection services.

    Treatments & Inspection Services

    Specifically services include:

    • termite inspection and control
    • bed bugs
    • rodent control
    • rates and mice
    • bird control and removal
    • possums
    • white ants
    • black ants
    • fabric pests
    • pre purchase inspections
    • commercial and residential
    • institutions, hospitals, schools, supermarkets
    • and many more

    The team have a vast range of experience, and ensure the job is don’t efficiently and at an affordable cost. With a large number of vans on the the road, the team is also available for emergencies. Located closed to the CBD, all areas and suburbs can be services including the Adelaide Hills and out regional areas. For more information on how Murray Pest Control can provide a quality service for you, please click here.


    pest control and inspections